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VAI Consulting was founded in 2018 by Hamish Rodger, a veterinarian who has specialised in aquatic animal health and aquaculture.
Dr. Rodger has 35 years of experience on a global basis having worked in universities (Uni. of Stirling, Uni. of Pennsylvannia, National University of Ireland Galway), corporate business (Benchmark Holdings and Fish Vet Group), as well as having established and worked in private veterinary practice (Vet-Aqua International).

Specialist interest and expertise includes salmonid fish health, histopathology, gill disease, recirculation aquaculture, diagnostics, therapeutics, biosecurity, fish welfare, emerging diseases, viral infections and parasitic control.

VAI Consulting provides services either at client’s base or site, remotely (on-line) or at alternate locations depending on client requirements and international travel conditions.
Work has been undertaken on sites from Trondheim to Tasmania and from Harris to Hanoi.

Dr Hamish Rodger